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So.....  ye wants t' be a Pirate eh? Arrrr!!......

Don't settle fer bein' a scurvy bilge-sucking imitation pirate: here's how t' be authentic n' colorful, like a real swashbucklin' scallywag and best the other scurvy bilge rats... No Quarter! Smartly sign yer particulars down yonder me Bucko, belay the flogging, n' commence the fun! Shiver me timbers! If'n ye need help be sure t' use our contact page..... See ye at the field me hearties n' fair winds t' ye... 




Membership Details- 


New  Members - $30

Juniors (under age 19) - $1.00


We have 2 different ways to apply for membership -

You can CLICK HERE for a printable application or fill out the form below and submit it. Filling out the online form below will get the membership process started instead of the printed form method and we will get back to you on what to do next. Please make sure that your email address below is entered correctly so that we can get back to you. Phone number(s) are helpful too.

If you choose to use the printed form, contact any of the FLAPS officers found on the front page of the FLAPS web site to submit your printed application, or just bring it to the next club meeting which is typically held the first Sunday night of each month. Use our contact page if you need more information or assistance of any kind.


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Please note: to fly at our field you must have an AMA membership or be on a buddy box system.

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