** The Carter Road field in Geneva is no longer in use  **


Bring  your Planes/Jets/Helis/Quads/Gliders/etc. and enjoy the enormous, huge, vast, massive, colossal, mammoth, giant, tremendous, epic, wide open spaces!!!

(it really is Huuuuge.... here!)  


Please - be sure to educate yourself on the field rules before flying!

They are posted at the field or.......

Click HERE for the field rules



Location information for the Flaps flying field


Our flying field is north/northeast of the village of Seneca Falls, NY on Rt. 5&20 just past the big water tower on the south east side of the road. There is a big red barn close to the road and a couple slightly smaller silver colored barns close by. There are driveway entrances at both ends of the barns.

Coordinates -

42°55'55.9"N 76°46'47.3"W

Address -

1911 Auburn Rd. (5&20)
Seneca Falls, NY

And here are images of the new location







Street view traveling North East

You can use this driveway to enter or there is also a driveway on the other end of the barn.
Click the picture

street view new field