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Swapmeet 2017



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Assorted - 2016



FLAPS Swapmeet 2016



New Years Fly 2016



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Breakfast 12-12-2015 (Bring your spouse day)



Family Picinic 7-12-2015



Williamson Fly in Breakfast



New Field Construction



Swap Meet 4-18-15



New Year Fly   1-1-15



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Jim and Bill's  old Speedster build



Family Picinic 9-2014



Flyin Breakfast 2014



Labor Day 2014




Family Picinic 2014




Cub Scout Day 6-28-2014




Memorial Day Parade 5-24-2014




Field Opening 2014




Annual Swapmeet - 2014




Annual Flaps Dinner 2-8-14




New Years Fly 1-1-14




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Fly in Breakfast Seneca Falls8-8-2013




Family Picnic 8-2013





True Value 2013




New Years Day 2013


Field Opening 2013





2013 Flaps Swap Meet




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Field closing 2012




Bill Wins Pattern Competition




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Indoor flying candid shots




Candid Shots




Candid Shots 2