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Here's some interesting links we have found on the internet that may interest you.....

International Space Station
Great video and well worth watching!

Find out times for sunrise, sunset, etc. Shows sun movement and sunlight phases during the given day at the given location.

Lipo Batteries-

Here's a good resource for learning about lipo's and their characteristics.


Wikipedia on Lipos-

What they have to say on the subject. Worthwhile reading.


80% Rule-

Good rule to follow! Your batteries will love you for it.

AMA District II Site -

This is the site of FLAPS' local AMA organization. It covers New York, New Jeresy, and Europe.



Online calculator for designing electric power systems for model aircraft.


RC Groups-

Online forum with all the information you could think of pertaining to Radio Control Aircraft and more.


RC Universe-

Another online forum with lots of good info


RC Hot Deals -

A site that features a full line of RC products at the best prices anywhere.

B-2 Spirit at the 2005 Edwards AFB Airshow -

View fantastic up close pictures of a real B-2 bomber


Just Plane Fun -

a website about having fun with radio controlled model aeroplanes.

The Living Earth -

This site shows the earth and what parts currently have light and what parts are dark. Watch the shape of the shadow as the year progresses.
You can actually get this for your Windows based PC as a screen saver for free, by going to 
Fourmilab Switzerland's Earth & Moon page.

World Cities Current Time -

This page provides the current time for over 140 different

No Spark

Connect your batteries without a spark.