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Flying Field Rules


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1. Pilots are REQUIRED to become familiar with, and make use of, the 'Blue Sky' method of increasing separation of a model and a manned aircraft.    

2. Anyone flying at the Seneca Falls FLAPS field must hold a current status with the AMA or fly under the direct supervision of a club designated Introductory Pilot Instructor. No exceptions.

3. Only FLAPS members in good standing are allowed to fly at our field. Guests are welcome but may fly at the field only with the approval of a member and only as long as the sponsoring member remains at the field. Guests will not fly unattended.

4. Models will fly only in pre-designated areas, and will yield right-of-way to full-size aircraft. Be aware!  (See Rule #1).

6. All radio equipment shall meet or exceed 1991 standards. Any radios that incorporate the 72Mhz band of transmission must display the appropriate frequency pin.

7. Pilots are responsible for the air worthiness of their aircraft.

8. Only pilots, pilot assistants, and/or spotters are allowed on the flight line.

9. The testing of engines is to be performed in designated area(s) only.

10. No internal combustion engines are to be run between dusk and 9AM (10AM on weekends).

11. No intentional flying behind the flight line and/or close to structures.

12. Flying is strictly forbidden after the consumption of alcohol.

13. The use of a spotter while flying is recommended and may be required at certain times.

14. Any aircraft landings that are not recovered in the crop area and any “fly a ways” shall be recorded in an incident log and reported to the President.

15. Flying will be suspended when farm equipment is working in our overfly area.

16. Children under the age of 12 will be supervised at all times.

17. Please fly safely and wisely. We are very fortunate to have this field for our use and it is most definitely a privilege. Conduct yourselves as if you would like to keep the privilege to fly here.



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AMA 'Blue Sky'





The FLAPS flying field in Seneca Falls is located in fairly close proximity to the airport. With that said, we all have to be aware of any and all manned aircraft
in the area and the possibility of taking measures to avoid said aircraft.

The AMA has set forth specific guidelines for such circumstances and below you will find their recommendations. Please review them and apply them to your
flights at the FLAPS field in Seneca Falls.

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'Blue  Sky' is  a  term used  to  explain  the  method  used  to  increase  separation between  a  model  and  a  manned  aircraft  in the same  vicinity.  
The  modeler should  maneuver  the  aircraft  in  such  a  way  as  to increase  the  amount  of blue  sky  perceived between  the model  and  the  manned  

By increasing  the blue  sky  separation,  the  question  about  depth  perception  is taken  out  of  the  equation  and  the  modeler  need  not  worry  
whether  the model  is  closer  to  him  than  the  manned  aircraft or  further  away.  
Increasing the  blue  sky  between  the  model  and  the  manned  aircraft  automatically increases  separation between  them.
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