june bug

On July 4, 1908, Glenn H. Curtiss, a hometown mechanical genius with a flair for speed, trundled a fragile, box kite-like contraption onto a half mile racetrack on the outskirts of Hammondsport , NY, and made the first pre-announced flight in America of a heavier-than-air flying machine.

On July 5, 2008, a 1/4 scale flying model of the June Bug once again flew in Hammondsport!  The Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, in conjunction with Finger Lakes Area Pirates (F.L.A.P.S.), flew a 1/4 scale replica of the June Bug at the Pleasant Valley Winery, just south of the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum.  A great time was had by all.

The 1/4 scale flying model was built by members of the FLAPS club and now hangs in the entryway of the Curtiss Museum.

See the videos at the bottom!

      build03 build04    
      Adjustments to the front wing. On the floor and ready to go. Note the special training wheels. The real ones will not go on until after we understand how she responds.      
      build06 build07      

Check out the horse power in that motor!

Now you might think an electric motor would sound puny.Not this one!

You don't want to be in front of it when it runs, and the sound is really loud.

Hold'er down while checking out the motor. All set - let's taxi this thing to see how she responds.      

 Today's test is complete. Let's get this baby back in the garage before something gets broke!




Here are pictures of where our June Bug lives now, in the foyer at the Curtis Museum! 

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Below are some You Tube Videos of the June Bug

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